Rodrigo Batalha is an international expert in neurosciences applied to behavior for high performance, personal and professional changes.  He has written four books, two of them published by Editora Saraiva: “Fear, the control in your hands” (2011), with preface by Amália Sina, former president of Philips, Walita and Philip Morris in Latin America, and “Top Performance, strategies to reach your targets” (2012). He is specialized in Neuro Associative Conditioning from A.Robbins Mastery University (San Diego, CA). As Tony Robbins’ guest (mentor of presidents Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan and George Bush, the U.S Army, Forbes executives and celebrities) he has worked in Los Angeles with Harvard Business School, A.R Foundation and Stanford University’s teams. He is a performance consultant of executives and high performance athletes such as Thaisa Daher, world and Olympic champion twice with Brazilian volleyball team.

With Masters in Neurolinguistics and 24 years’ experience, he has a degree in Business Administration, specialized in Human Resources (FCHV, UFES), post-graduation in Business Management, Emotional Intelligence Certificate (Kotzent Training, SP), Parapsychology, Spirituality and Religion Certificate from Centro Latino Americano de Parapsicologia, CLAP-SP (Parapsychology Latin America Center) and Modern Hypnosis. He has studied Political Science and Ethics with professor Clóvis de Barros Filho (USP-ECA), and has been dedicating to the study of Philosophy and principles of Quantum Physics. He worked for HBO and CINEMAX for three years. As an athlete, he has achieved the representative “50 risk sports modes” score having gathered extraordinary experiences in all life challenges.

He gives conferences on human performances being a collaborator writer of several newspapers and was a columnist of Mundo do Marketing magazine (Marketing World), the biggest marketing editorial in the country. He has written nearly 980 articles such as chronicles, scripts, publications, as well as, given interviews to ISTO É, Grupo Band, Veja, Rede Globo, Jornal Correio Braziliense, A Tribuna, O Estado de São Paulo, CBN São Paulo, Fundação Bradesco, Jornal A Tarde, Diário da Bahia, Mundo do Marketing, Meu Primeiro Negócio, Revista SAMP, Metro, A Gazeta and others.

Rodrigo’s expertise will immediately change the landscape and enable you to leverage yourself to achieve the results you desire. If you want to contact Rodrigo about other issues, you can write for your team directly: contato@rodrigobatalha.com